Hire smart, build your workforce with our qualified candidates.

Our staff has a combined experience of over 50 years to help you with light industrial and administrative placements as well as professional direct hires.



Direct Hire

Compass is your Staffing partner that provides Solutions

The Talent You Need

We carefully vet all job-seekers and provide valuable resources to find the perfect skilled candidates for your job openings. Our screening process typically includes (but is not limited to):
  • Background checks
  • Drug screens
  • Standard aptitude tests
  • Behavioral interviews

Unmatched Service & Communication

Our office staff’s longevity and experience in the staffing industry results in quality service during each interaction for you. Expect to be met with team members who understand the ins and outs of your industry and your company.

A Worthwhile Investment

We’ll customize a plan curated to your specific needs and establish a fair, all-inclusive bill rate. Our programs typically include:
  • Screening, interviewing and testing
  • Social security, federal and state taxes
  • Worker’s compensation and unemployment taxes
  • Employee benefits (attendance bonuses and holiday pay)
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Direct deposit or cash card fees
  • Administrative costs

Focus On What You Do Best

Stop wasting time screening for candidates, leave your staffing needs to us and prioritize your to-do’s to grow your business.

Why Compass?

COMPASS Corporate Competitors
Personalized Service
Direct Access
Corporate Overhead (higher fees)

It’s time to get started!


“Thank you for all your support in the work you do for us!”

From a local gardern nursery

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see answers to our most commonly asked questions here, if you have another question, please contact us!

What does your pricing include?

Compass Staffing covers all taxes, worker’s compensation, and unemployment as well as health insurance coverages for employees.  

What makes you different from other services?

Our strong focus on employer relationships continually sets us apart from competitors, quickly making us an extension of your hiring department.  Knowing every nuance of your company helps us connect you to the best leads for your positions.  Our highly experienced team is composed of long-term staff allowing for fluid communication every time you contact us. Rest assured and save time during every interaction, phone call or otherwise - our team members are familiar with your company and know your candidate requirements.

We don’t need to cover corporate overhead or high internal costs which translates into extremely competitive bill rates.  Another bonus is that we rarely increase rates to our customers.  We give you the best rate possible from the start and work hard to keep it that rate. Contact us to start a conversation.

What are your requirements for accepting a new client?

In order to be successful, these are the key points we look for:

  • Good communication and working relationship
  • Payment within terms/good credit risk
  • Low injury risks
  • Realistic requirements – job position and pay rates
  • Minimum number of other staffing services being used

Find the perfect skilled candidates for your business

No more wasted time sifting through piles of resumes that result in mismatched candidates. Our recruiting specialists can quickly find you qualified leads to fill your openings.